Brain teasers


Brain teasers

Put the grey matter to work with these fun games and quizzes including some great puzzle sheets to download.

Wordle is the latest brain teaser trend, with fans all over the world trying to crack the 5 letter word daily. Wordle was created by a computer programmer as a present for his word-puzzle-loving girlfriend, and accidentally became a global phenomenon. Give it a go here:



Summerset Puzzle Sheets

Produced by the same people who create the puzzle pages in Summerset Scene, a new puzzle sheet was released every day during Covid lock down periods, and was printed and distributed in villages too. You can find and download all of these daily puzzle sheets at the link above.

Stuff Quiz 

The good old Stuff quiz is also a great option for a light-hearted break. 

NZ Herald Quiz

Challenge yourself with a daily quiz from The Herald


Play some of the good old classics


Word search

Code cracker

Word wheels

Free cell




Origami - If you have some spare paper and a bit of patience, try these steps for crafting an elegant origami swan

Jigsaw fun - From 60 to over 400 pieces, there's an online puzzle for everyone

Memory game - Keep your brain muscle sharp by matching pairs

Colouring in - Get colouring in with a huge range of pictures to choose from - great for zoning out and calming the mind

Browse more from our Wellness Centre:

Arts and culture

You don’t have to leave home to take in the fascinating collections from some of the world’s best art galleries and museums. Whether you’re an art buff or just curious, these masterpieces will leave you amazed.

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Virtual travel

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Books, podcasts and entertainment

On the hunt for a great novel, movie or podcast series to sink your teeth into? You’ve come to the right spot. Click on the links to have a browse.

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Home exercise programme with Dan Hardie

Workout at home with a series of exercises designed by Summerset’s resident fitness expert and advisor Dan Hardie

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Cooking with a MasterChef

Join MasterChef winner, Brett McGregor, in our interactive cooking series. Each themed episode takes you through the featured recipes step-by-step so you can easily re-create them at home. Click below to learn more.

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