Exercise at home with Dan Hardie


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Daniel Hardie is Summerset’s resident fitness expert and advisor. Over 12 years as a personal trainer has seen Dan train well over 300 clients, deliver multiple lectures on fitness and wellbeing and develop an intricate understanding of muscle strength and its impact on balance, and also the important connections between physical and cognitive health. Dan has created Summerset’s signature fitness programme which is ACC and Ministry for Health accredited falls prevention class (under their Live Stronger for Longer initiative).

CB FIT exercise videos are designed for Seniors who want to improve their overall strength and balance. Ensure you consult your GP or physician before beginning any form of exercise. If you feel faint, dizzy or out of breath, stop exercising immediately. Cerebellum Ltd is not liable for any injuries or accidents caused during the use of these videos.

Lastly, have fun, do your best and keep on moving!


The shoulder is a wonderfully complex joint.

In this video you’ll learn how to free it up through mobility work, and strength exercises to keep them strong.


Learn how to move your spine and make it strong so you can move well throughout daily life.

Lower limb strength

This workout will help you to balance better and feel steadier on your feet. Have a chair handy to aid you with these exercises.

Seated exercises

CB Fit Seated · R1

CB Fit Seated · R2