Be assured at Summerset


You can have confidence in us

Summerset’s disaster policy is there for your peace of mind. It’s the assurance you need to know that should an event occur; we have the expertise and experience to assist residents swiftly and efficiently.

Summerset was founded on a deep respect for our residents, putting them at the heart of everything we do. That includes ensuring our village teams are prepared and well trained, so in the event of an emergency, we’re ready to support you.

Every village has an emergency management plan tailored for its unique layout. So, whether you choose a home in an apartment building, villa or in our village centre, you can be assured that our village teams are prepared to assist you.

Recent events in Hawke's Bay put our emergency plans into action. Residents shared their appreciation of Summerset's swift response:

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We want to make choosing the Summerset life as clear-cut, straightforward and reassuring as possible. Giving you peace of mind is very important to us.

Download a copy of our policy on the link below.