8 Jul 20 - General

We're Dementia Friendly accredited

Summerset is proud to be accredited as dementia friendly by Alzheimer’s New Zealand.

The accreditation followed 18 months of work across all our retirement villages to ensure each village has the physical environment, social activities, and awareness to provide a safe and supportive home for people living with dementia.

To become a dementia friendly organisation we had to demonstrate commitment to seven standards:

  1. Person-centred – We understand the needs of people living with dementia as they relate to our organisation from their perspective.

  2. Leadership – We have the right structures in place to maintain a sustainable dementia-friendly organisation.

  3. Workforce – Staff and volunteers have an awareness and understanding of dementia.

  4. Physical environments – We have a continuous improvement plan to make our physical environment(s) accessible to people with dementia.

  5. Workplace – We respect and support employees affected by dementia (either living with dementia or caring for someone living with dementia).

  6. Collateral and websites – Are accessible for people with dementia.

  7. Review – Planned, regular, future reviews of dementia friendly progress.

According to research from Dementia New Zealand, more than 60% of New Zealanders know or care for someone with dementia, yet many Kiwis lack understanding of the condition.

We believe our work helps to tackle the stigma of dementia and raise awareness, as well as making the lives of those with cognitive impairment so much easier.

Find out more about what being dementia friendly means at the Alzheimer's New Zealand Website.