Summerset was founded on a deep respect for our residents, putting them at the heart of everything we do. This is one of the reasons we think we’re different from other retirement village operators.  When you move to a Summerset village, you’re not just moving house – you’re joining a community. And we think that’s pretty special.


At Summerset we give you the fullest possible range of options – then leave the decision up to you.


Make your home your own

Put your stamp on your new home with your own furniture and décor – it’s your place after all.  You can even personalise your home by painting the interior the colour you choose.

Look after your own garden or let us do it for you

Many Summerset homes have a garden. If you love gardening, you’re welcome to look after it yourself – or you can leave the gardening to us and we’ll keep it looking neat and tidy for you.

Pets are welcome

Bring your pet with you – they’re part of the family too.  But, to make sure they’ll be comfortable, please check with the Village Manager that your new home will be suitable for your pet.

Choice of homes (and prices)

Summerset villages have a range of homes including two or three bedroom villas and townhouses, two or three bedroom apartments and one bedroom serviced apartments. 

All our homes are specially designed for residents over 70 and are modern, warm, comfortable and well fitted out.

Choice of activities 

In a Summerset village there is always a calendar of events and activities to keep you busy. And, of course, you can be as involved in as much or as little as you want.

One of the best transfer policies around

We make it easy for you to move around your village or between Summerset villages.

Summerset Ambassador, Jude Dobson chats with Hobsonville residents on the empowerment of choice


We’ll make sure you clearly understand your options and have everything you need to make the decision that’s right for you.


Leading  satisfaction scores

We survey all residents every year and we're proud to say that residents love living in our Summerset villages and continue to award us very high satisfaction ratings.  We share the results and what we’ve learned with residents in each village.

No hidden costs

Before you make a decision to move into a Summerset village, we’ll make sure you are aware of and understand all the costs involved.

Increases in fees fixed to increases in NZ Superannuation

We guarantee that increases in Weekly Fees and Service Package charges cannot exceed increases in NZ Superannuation.

Care and support that change as your needs change

In a Summerset village, as your needs change, you can access additional levels of care and support in your own home, in your serviced apartment or in our care centre.  And, should you ever need ongoing care, as a resident you‘ll receive priority access, right up to hospital level. 

One of the best disaster policies around

Rest assured; in the unlikely event a disaster destroys your home and it can’t be rebuilt on the original site or in reasonable vicinity, you’ll receive the full market value of your home with no deferred management fee deductions.

Summerset Sure – love it or your money back

You'll have 90 days to be sure your new home is right for you - or we'll give you your money back.  Some conditions apply.

Jude chats with Hobsonville residents on the confidence that they've made the right decision


Summerset villages are communities where you can make new friends and socialise widely, while still welcoming family and friends.

Become part of a vibrant community

Summerset villages are vibrant communities with more than enough to keep you busy and entertained.  Our Activities Coordinators make sure we have a full calendar of events within the village, and also trips out in the local area.

Accessible to all

Summerset villages are Lifemark accessibility approved. This means you can move through our homes and villages freely whatever your level of mobility.

A sense of spaciousness

Our rooms and doorways are generous and allow you more room to relax and unwind.  We also create great outdoor spaces so you can walk and relax in the sun.

Everyone’s welcome –friends and family

It’s your home so you are welcome to have friends and family to stay, for as long as you want.  We’d love you to have your grandkids over the school holidays.

Village facilities are open to all our residents

Every resident is part of our village community and has full access to our facilities and programme of activities.

Now hear from a couple of our Wigram residents 

Jude and Colin Bailey moved into a Summerset villa in Wigram to stay close to their family and friends. They love having their grandchildren over and being able to attend their sports games nearby on the weekends. Family matters at Summerset.