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Wellness Centre

Great to have you here at our Wellness Centre. We developed these pages with interesting links, tips, puzzles and pointers to keep you entertained and inspired. Simply click the headings below to get started.

Summerset Scene, Autumn issue

Our Autumn issue of Summerset Scene is out now. In this edition you can read about Peter, a talented photographer who lives in our Taupo village, a group of determined puzzle solvers from New Plymouth — and much, much more. Read this and previous editions below.

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Cooking with a MasterChef

Join MasterChef winner, Brett McGregor, in our new interactive cooking series. Each themed episode will take you through the featured recipes step-by-step so you can easily re-create them at home. Click below to learn more.

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Arts and culture

You don’t have to leave home to take in the fascinating collections from some of the world’s best art galleries and museums. Whether you’re an art buff or just curious, these masterpieces will leave you amazed.

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Virtual travel

Dreaming of adventure? Explore some far-flung and famous places without having to renew your passport.

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Books, podcasts and entertainment

On the hunt for a great novel, movie or podcast series to sink your teeth into? You’ve come to the right spot. Click on the links to have a browse.

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Cute corner

Who doesn’t love looking at cute animals? Whether it’s zoo critters or family pets, check out some of our favourite animal friends. You’re sure to get the warm fuzzies!

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Brain teasers

Put the grey matter to work with these fun games and quizzes including some great puzzle sheets to download.

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Well and good

Exercise and wellbeing ideas to boost the body and soul.

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Staying connected

With everyone connecting in different ways these days, we have some easy-to-follow tips to help you get started with video and online chat.

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Get a glimpse into life at our villages. We post resident and village stories and updates regularly.

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Home exercise program with Dan Hardie

Workout at home with a series of exercises designed by Summerset’s resident fitness expert and advisor Dan Hardie

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