Summerset's villages are very much part of their local communities which is why we believe it's so important to support local initiatives and support residents to continue to be involved with their local groups, clubs and associations including lawn bowls, golf clubs, RSA groups and Age Concern.


Summerset's National Partnerships


Partnering with Bowls New Zealand is a perfect alignment with Summerset’s purpose of bringing the best of life to residents.

Through this collaboration we've become a part of bringing players together to enjoy a popular sport with over 500 clubs and 35,000 registered players in New Zealand.

We're working with Bowls New Zealand to achieve its vision of New Zealand becoming the best bowling country in the world.


We’re partnering with Dementia New Zealand to provide greater education about dementia, and remove some of its stigma, to both our residents, our staff and the wider community.



We’re working with the New Zealand Dementia Cooperative to discuss, collaborate and share ideas around dementia care in New Zealand.



We’re right in behind the Wellington Free Ambulance at Summerset. We provide an annual donation to the ambulance service and every September our Aotea village in Wellington support the organisation’s Onesie Day. Our residents dress up in their onesies with all money raised going to Wellington Free Ambulance.


Residents at our Dunedin village have a strong affiliation with the Orokanui Ecosanctuary. We have taken this relationship a step further with a three year sponsorship. The sanctuary plays an important role in kiwi breeding with a 14ha kiwi crèche where up to 14 kiwi chicks can grow to at least the 1.2kg they need to be to defend themselves from stoats.  



We support the Eureka Trust’s annual Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards which are designed to develop young leaders within the Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) subject areas. Our $5,000 sponsorship is awarded to the science challenge ageing well, where applicants explain how science and technology could be used to sustain health and wellbeing into the later years of life.  Read about our 2018 scholarship winner here.


Summerset sponsored the 2018 'Age Concerns Everyone' Conference, organised by Age Concern New Zealand. The two-day conference is held yearly and is packed with seminars and workshops designed to develop the knowledge and skills of health care professionals.


We’re delighted to partner with Alzheimers NZ to support their October 2018 conference, 'Tackling Dementia: It’s Everybody’s Business'. Summerset believes we all have a part to play in understanding, supporting and enacting positive change for people living with dementia. The conference will offer thought-provoking conversations, challenging perceptions of dementia and how can we transform services for people with dementia to reflect a world of more choice.



In mid 2018, Summerset joined with NZ Indoor Bowls as principal sponsor, With 767 clubs throughout New Zealand, many Summerset residents play for a local club and we’re hoping many more will discover the joy of the game. 



We are a supporter of Brook Sanctuary, the South Island’s largest pest-free sanctuary, in Nelson. The sanctuary is home to the Nelson green gecko, crayfish, bellbirds, fantails, tomtits and other native species.

Many of our residents are keen nature lovers and we are pleased to support their passion and to contribute to a special place where both young and old can enjoy our beautiful natural environment.