Enjoy a six-month weekly fee waiver

What will you do with the extra savings?

Simply sign a sales application for an apartment situated within our Rangitoto or Waiheke residences at Summerset St Johns between 1 January 2024 and 31 August 2024, and then settle by 13 December 2024, you’ll pay no weekly fees for six months.

With the extra savings you could invest it in that new hobby, treat yourself to some new gadgets, or just relax and enjoy village life.

If you’d like to find out more, or discuss plans and pricing, our Sales Manager Lisa Nelson would love to hear from you today on 09 950 7962 or stjohns.sales@summerset.co.nz

Terms and conditions

  • A weekly fee waiver is available if:

    • You sign a sales application between 01 January 2024 and 31 August 2024 for one of the following Independent Apartments:

      • Apartments 2201 to 2207, Apartments 2301 to 2307, Apartments 2401 to 2407, Apartments 2501 to 2505, Apartment 3001 and Apartment 3002, Apartments 3101 to 3114, Apartments 3201 to 3214, Apartments 3301 to 3312 at Summerset St Johns (each a “home”); and

    • You complete settlement of your chosen home on or before 13 December 2024.

  • Your weekly fee will be waived for the first six (6) months following settlement of your home (Waiver Period), or any shorter period determined under clauses 3 or 4 below.

  • If you transfer to a different unit in a Summerset Village within the first six (6) months following settlement of your home the waiver in clause 2 will apply to the new unit for the duration of the Waiver Period. However, if you are joint residents and only one of you transfers to the new unit (or if you each transfer to a different unit), only one unit (at your election) will have the benefit of the waiver provided for at clause 2.

  • The waiver in clause 2 above will cease immediately if either of the following events occur:

    • if you are the sole resident in your unit and require rest home level care or any higher level of care; or

    • if you are joint residents and either resident requires rest home level care or any higher level of care and remains living in the unit.

  • If the Weekly Fee reduces or ceases to be payable during the Waiver Period (for example because you leave the Village or transfer to a different unit where the weekly fee is less than your current Weekly Fee), you will not receive any credit or payment.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, your Weekly Fee remains subject to annual increase both during the Waiver Period and after the Waiver Period ends. Upon expiry of the Waiver Period you will be responsible for paying the Weekly Fee at the then current rate.

General Terms and Conditions

  • If you cancel your Occupation Right Agreement under Summerset’s “90-day money back guarantee”, you agree to reimburse Summerset for the waiver of the Weekly Fee when you leave your Summerset home.

  • Summerset has the right to cancel or vary this incentive at any point prior to you signing a sales application.

  • The above offer is not available for existing Summerset residents, is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

Download a copy

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