Terms and Conditions – Moving Services PLUS – Moving Package

  1. The Moving Service PLUS offer includes a Moving Package provided by Smart Express and paid for by Summerset. Villages currently offering Summerset Moving Services PLUS include;

    Table 1: Villages

  2. The type of Moving Package paid for by Summerset is based on the Summerset Village home that you have purchased a Licence to Occupy for. This is set out in Table 1.

  3. The Moving Package inclusions are set out in Table 2 and are based on residents moving from within the same region as the Summerset village they are moving into. Further charges will be incurred if you are moving to a Summerset village from outside of that region.

  4. The Moving Package only applies to your move from your current residence to your new Summerset home documented on the valid sales application.

  5. A full list of the services available will be discussed and agreed at the initial consultation with your Summerset Moving Consultant including any services to be provided by Smart Express Limited (Summerset’s preferred supplier).

  6. Any services provided to you by a third-party supplier (including Smart Express Limited) will be on the terms of engagement between you and that supplier. For the avoidance of doubt, Summerset is not liable for any actions or omissions of any third-party supplier (including Smart Express Limited or its subcontractors).

  7. If your moving requirements require hours and/or packing materials which are more than the allocated hours and packing materials provided in your Moving Package, then Smart Express will provide a quote for the additional services and/or materials. The additional fees are payable by you, should you agree.

  8. This offer is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash.

  9. If you cancel your Occupation Right Agreement within 90 days of moving into your Summerset home under Summerset’s “90 day money back guarantee”, you agree to reimburse Summerset for any third party supplier moving costs paid for by Summerset when you leave your Summerset home.

  10. Offer does not apply to existing residents of any Summerset Village.

  11. Summerset has the right to cancel this incentive at any point prior to you signing a Sales Application.

Table 2: Moving Packages

Table 3: Packing options