'Waste to Waist' in Nelson

11 June 2018

Summerset in the Sun gathered for their annual 'Waste to Waist' fashion competition recently – a much loved and eagerly anticipated event! Residents (and the village's gardener, Dulcie) made and designed their own creations from everyday materials, and the results were fantastic. Joan Kundycki took away the winner's title with her piece Patchwork Plastic.

Check out just a few of their amazing creations below:

W2W 163 OVERALL WINNER: Patch Worked Plastic, designed and modelled by Joan Kundycki.
Joan used plastic food wrappings with sheeting foundations and trims from her machine pieces to create this clever creation





W2W 158RUNNER UP: Down to Earth, designed by Yvonne Cooke and modelled by Maureen Leuschke
This piece uses artificial grass, wool, cardboard, felt, feathers, glue, straws and paint.





W2W 186SECOND RUNNER UP: Forest to Sea, modelled and created by Gwytha France.
Gwytha had  a busy holiday in the Able Tasman collecting materials used for this work, including flax and flax flowers.  Rimu and toi toi flowers form the wig.  Twigs, lichen, feathers, ghost gum bark strips, driftwood, shells, glue, felcro and an old nighty were also used.




W2W 137Carmen Miranda, created and modelled by Patricia Behrens.
Patricia used merino wool (knitted and felted), tin foil, plastic fruit beads and cotton in this piece.





W2W 143Glam it Up, designed by Gwytha France and modelled by Merle Cook
Gwytha used a $20 recycled purchase,  love of flowers, merging of colours, imagination and fabric paint and lots of time to create this stunning piece.





W2W 167Summerset Knight in Shining Armour, modelled by Darren from the Nelson Property Team.
Materials include car sunscreens, foam glitter board, venetian blinds, elastic, tinfoil oven trays, glue and velcro.





W2W board 73Summerset Ms Greenfingers, modelled by Dulcie, Summerset in the Sun's gardener.
This creation used 2 Bunnings bags, a large flower pot, plastic plant containers, dried leaves, garden tools, velcro, ribbon, flowers, garden greener, and op shop tights, with hot glue to hold it all together!





W2W board 83Crystal Rain, designed and modelled by Joyce Pascoe, with the assistance of Jenny  Greenwood.
For this creation, Joyce used crystals, curling ribbon and food cover.





W2W 119The Golden Egg Tray, designed by Marion Machon.
Marion used gold paint, duct tape, egg trays and toilet roll inners in her creation.





W2W 128Paper Trail, by Maaike and Desra, Summerset in the Sun's Activiites Team.
They used only materials that were available in their office such as mis-prints, staples, hot glue, sellotape and an old 'Use It Or Lose It' t-shirt.





W2W 112An English Country Garden, designed and modelled by Vivienne Chandler.
For her creation, Vivienne used fabric, acrylic paint, labels, glue and fabric flowers.





W2W 116All Sorts, designed by Colleen Hughes and her daughter and modelled by Colleen herself.
Colleen used polystyrene, paint and plastic to make this creation. 





W2W 177All Tied Up, designed and modelled by Helen Bruce.
Helen's skirt is made of old ties and lined with scrap material.  The top is a reconstructed old shirt and ties mad into a waist coat.