Summerset's new CB Fit programme

16 April 2021

The rollout in our villages has begun

Summerset's new fitness programme is working its way into our villages, with Kenepuru being the new addition to the growing list for 2021. CB Fit will be running in 14 villages by the end of the year.

This signature programme focusses on three main skill areas: strength, balance and coordination. Now accredited under ACC's 'Live Stronger for Longer' initiative as a falls prevention tool, the sessions are geared towards independent residents and take into account the different levels of mobility.

CB Fit creator and Les Mills trainer, Dan Hardie, recruits personal trainers to lead the classes because he knows they can adapt on-the-fly to the fitness level of those participating. He has also developed the ethos for the programme, called The four P's: Progress, Prevent, Preserve and Protect.

Dan says, "I will grow old too one day, which is why I believe it's important that we focus on healthspan, not just lifespan. This programme is about helping the older population to continue to be independent and live a quality life. By focussing on increasing residents' mobility with CB Fit, our goal is to reduce the risk of falls, which in turn will mean a longer lifespan and better health." 

Kenepuru resident Adrienne Nolan loves to keep moving and looks forward to each class. She says, "I even go to reception to check if it's still on the next day. I just love it!"

Pictured above: Kenepuru residents participate in one of the first CB Fit classes to arrive at the village. 

The aim is to roll-out CB Fit into all our villages within the next couple of years. 

Watch the CB Fit introductory video below, filmed at our Casebrook village:

Pictured below: Casebrook residents about to enjoy a CB Fit class.