Summerset residents prepare to take to the stage

29 January 2018

Living at Summerset sees may residents continuing to challenge themselves in a range of endeavours, often picking up new skills and rising to new challenges.

In January, a number of residents from our Wellington villages began working with director Geraldine Brophy on a modern take of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet.

geraldine and margaret  geraldine with cast

 Above: Residents from Summerset at the Course in Trentham attend an initial briefing with director, Geraldine Brophy.

Whether natives to the stage or just trying something new, these keen retirees put their hands up to be part of Nextstage Theatre’s production of [email protected] Set in a retirement village, the production shines a light on issues surrounding aging. Summerset residents are rehearsing alongside a cast of professional actors and crew, and are embracing their new character roles in the tale.  

celia hulbert

Summerset at the Course resident, Celia Hulbert (above), says "The reason I thought I'd like to be in Romeo and Juliet is that it's very different; a real interesting twist on the story and I just thought, well, time to get back into theatre again".

We'll be following our intrepid actors through the rehearsal and performance process.  Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates.

This modern take on a classic follows Romeo and Juliet, who fall in love at Twilight Retirement Village but find their romance is objected to by their families.  Juliet’s granddaughter arranges to move her to another village with the help of lawyer Paris. Rather than be separated, Romeo and Juliet secretly decide to elope.

Check out the video where Geraldine talks about the important themes tackled in the new interpretation. 

The production is sponsored by Summerset and will run between Wednesday 28 February and Saturday 3 March at the Lower Hutt Little Theatre.  You can purchase tickets online from Nextstage Theatre (