Summerset gives hand to overseas registered nurses

21 September 2018

Marvin Lee, a caregiver from Wigram, is the first recipient of Summerset’s recently re-launched funding programme to help staff gain their New Zealand nursing registration.

Marvin Lee v2Registered nurses from other countries may be required to undertake competency training in New Zealand to receive registration here.

It can be a costly exercise, with fees for training courses costing anywhere up to $10,500.

Marvin has a Bachelor of Nursing from the Philippines, and has worked in emergency departments there and in Libya. He moved to New Zealand in 2015, starting a healthcare management course and part-time work as a caregiver. He’s been working at our Wigram site since 2017.

 Marvin says having Summerset pay for his competency training course makes him ‘happy and nervous’.

“I’m really happy to have my fees paid, but I also feel I have a bigger responsibility now. I really have to pass and prove I am worth it for the programme!” he says.

On successful completion of the programme, Marvin will work as a nurse for any of our Summerset villages for two years. He’s keen to return to Wigram.

“Summerset’s vision is in line with my outlook,” says Marvin. “I am passionate about offering the best to our residents. I have a strong desire to really excel in taking care of them.”

His manager, Jo McKenzie, Care Centre Manager, Wigram, says Marvin has proven himself to be an exceptional performer.

“Marvin is reliable, has great commonsense… and is an asset to Summerset,” says Jo.

Nursing shortages

Lynda Irvine, Head of Clinical, says the Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) funding is available for up to six staff members every 12 months.

She says the next round of funding will be announced soon.

“Caregivers on work visas are eligible for the funding,” Lynda says.

“Work visas are fine, as long as their visa runs past the date of their CAP training.”

If selected for Summerset funding, Lynda says the recipient will be expected to work for Summerset as a nurse for two years.

“Given the current shortage of nurses, particularly in Auckland, a programme like this is invaluable.” says Lynda. “We want to help our own staff to get further, faster.”

A new $2,000 scholarship for graduate nurses is also being introduced by Summerset in conjunction with Massey University. The scholarship recipients will be announced in March 2019.