Recognition for decades of Volunteering

27 July 2018

DSC00583Summerset in the Vines resident, Janice Hopkinson, has received a Civic Honour Award from the Hastings District Council for more than 25 years of volunteer work. She began cooking for Cranford Hospice in 1993, and since then has given her time to the Charity Shop, the Presbyterian Support East Coast Joll Road Shop, is an Enliven volunteer, a caregiver for St Columba’s Church, and the convenor of after-funeral functions and other social activities.

Janice says she spends about 10 hours each week helping others in the community, in addition to donating time to her church.

“I enjoy meeting people, and one day I might also need some help,” says Janice. “I think it’s important to help others.”

Janice says she was overwhelmed when she received a letter from Hastings District Council congratulating her on being nominated for the award.

“When I walked up on stage to get it, all I could see were faces. They asked me if I wanted to say a few words, and I think I managed to quickly say a few! It’s lovely to have my volunteer work recognised. I didn’t think I was doing anything out of the ordinary.”