We understand that due to the nature of the current COVID-19 alert level and resulting visitor restrictions at our villages, you may have questions about what this means for you and your family. Please read the below FAQs for more information. If you need further assistance please get in contact with your village or care centre manager.


Can I come into a Summerset village to check in on loved ones during Alert Level 2

Alert Level 2

Summerset welcomes visitors to our villages under Alert Level 2, with some safety precautions for our most vulnerable residents in care.

For Care Centre residents – some visitor restrictions remain in place for the safety of everyone.

Under Alert Level 2, each care resident can have a maximum of two nominated visitors who can visit for 30 minutes each per week. Visiting hours will be set by each care centre.

All care centre visits are by appointment only. Our Care Centre teams will contact you to register you as a nominated visitor and make a booking to visit your loved one.

For village residents

Under Alert Level 2, visitors to village residents are welcome with no limits on frequency of duration.

Village residents are responsible for checking their visitors are safe to visit in order to protect themselves and other residents. Summerset has issued village residents with contact books to help keep track of who they come into contact with.

It’s very important you do not visit our retirement villages if:

  • you have not been well
  • you have been overseas in the last 14 days
  • you have been in contact with a suspected, probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.
What do I need to know if I’m visiting a Care resident?

The following guidelines are to protect residents from COVID-19.

These rules apply to residents living in the Care Centre or Serviced Apartments.

  • We will use a ‘nominated visitor’ process. Our Care Centre teams are in touch with residents and their families to establish nominated visitors and book appointment times
  • Up to three visitors per resident can visit on an appointment basis each week
  • Children under 16 are not able to visit while we are at Alert Level 2
  • Nominated visitors need to be carefully chosen as we cannot grant visitor access to anyone who is not the nominated visitor during Alert Level 2
  • All visits must be booked in advance with the Care Centre team.

When you come to the retirement village, please note the following precautions will be taken:

  • You must sign-in at Reception via the ‘sign-in’ iPad. Your details may be used for contact tracing purposes.
  • You will be asked to have your temperature checked on arrival, to use hand hygiene, and potentially wear personal protective equipment if asked
  • You may bring in supplies and goods for a resident, but please ensure these are packed and wiped down to minimise the risk of spreading infection
  • Visits should be kept to 30 minutes to allow us to manage the flow of visits
  • Visitors are to go directly from Reception to the resident’s room or serviced apartment and complete their visit in the resident’s room
  • Use of shared spaces in the Care Centre will not be available and using the main building facilities, such as the café, is not advised.

If you are visiting a resident at end of life, please talk to the Care Centre Manager about visits as we are able to make some amendments to these rules on compassionate grounds.

Can under 18s now visit your retirement villages?

People aged 18 and under are welcome to visit village residents under Alert Level 2.

Care Centre visits are still restricted for those who are under 16.

What activities are available under Alert Level 2?

We are delighted to have our main building facilities open and to be providing resident activities again.

Our Divine cafes are open and offering yummy coffee and food, with some adjustments to meet government guidelines for physical distancing:

  • There is seated service only. Please do not queue at the counter.
  • Tables are two metres apart to support physical distancing.
  • Table service is provided, as well as a takeaway service
  • These new measures will slow service down and hours and food offerings may be reduced. Thank you for your understanding.

The main building’s library, gym, swimming pool and resident lounges are open and we are making sure they are run so physical distancing can be maintained. 

Exercise and other social activities are starting again gradually with physical distancing, excellent hygiene, and record-keeping for contact tracing purposes. From 29 May, we are bringing back activities that involve larger groups, including Summerset Shouts, mid-winter Christmas events, quiz and movie nights, as well as visits from entertainers and speakers.  

Hairdressing services are gradually re-opening, depending on the salon’s location and the ability to have physical distancing in place.

Hairdressers are screened prior to work in the village and use appropriate PPE. Only one client is allowed at a time.

Please speak to our village staff if you need any further information about activities in your village.

What’s the best way to keep up to date with the latest information?

We are providing regular email newsletter updates for our Summerset family.

To receive the newsletter please ask your village to add your email address or the email address of your next of kin.

You can also check the special Summerset COVID-19 webpage or our Facebook page for updated information.

Moving in

Viewing a Summerset village – can you give me more details on how this will work?

Under Alert Level 2, we welcome people who want to view our facilities for their prospective home or that of their loved ones.

We have resumed group tours and morning teas for prospective residents. Groups will comply with the current physical distancing number restrictions.

We also offer in-person viewings for individuals or small groups by appointment, with appropriate screening and physical distancing.

We offer virtual viewings for some of our developing villages. This may be more appropriate for some people. Please contact the sales team for information on this option.

Will new residents be subject to any safety precautions?

New admissions into our Care Centres require a 14-day period of self-isolation to combat the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Inside our villages

Are you changing any processes around cleaning protocols? If so, in what way?

We already pride ourselves on hygienic and clean villages and care centres. We have increased cleaning in all areas including all high touch surfaces and this will continue under Alert Level 2.